The Future of Window Privacy

Switchable technology has revolutionized the way we see window privacy. From offices to homes, windows are a widely known architectural device used to bring a number of benefits to a room that would otherwise see isolation from the outside world. One such benefit is the wonders of natural light; a traditional window brings a snapshot of the outside world indoors without exposing the occupants to the elements. As the differences in artificial and natural light are generally understood to impact mood, productivity and health, a source of natural light in a room is an important consideration for designers, architects and occupants.

However, with these considerations come inevitable complications in the form of privacy. The bigger the natural light source supplied, the bigger the requirement for a privacy solution. Traditional solutions used to solve this privacy burden usually come in the form of blinds or curtains. Often, these solutions bring with them even more complications, requiring the designer to source a solution that meets all the specified requirements, which isn’t always easy. For example, coverage inconsistencies in blinds may allow sections of light to spill into the room, creating an irregular light level in the room. Furthermore, it is well known that blinds and curtains bring with them more operational maintenance than many would like; gathering dust, tangled cords, sun damage and even the basic yet unproductive time wasted in opening / closing them.

Switchable technology solves these problems, as well as bringing new and exciting aspects to window privacy. For example, being able to control your window privacy using an RF remote control from up to 25m away is an efficient novelty that you will become very comfortable with. Unlike the slow and often noisy motors used in remote controlled blind or curtains, our switchable products change in an instant without drawn-out mechanical humming. Available from Intelligent Glass in the form of either a retrofit self-adhesive film or a rigid glass screen, these core technologies have been integrated into various products that allows Intelligent Glass to proudly boast one of the most diverse ranges of switchable solutions in the world.

Our switchable products work by changing the state of transparency from frosted to clear using electrically charged PDLC crystals. When the electric charge is passed through the PDLC layer, the crystals polarise, causing them to change state from frosted to clear. This offers clients an incredibly powerful privacy tool that not only looks stylish but can also satisfy a variety of additional requirements. The versatility of switchable technology is one of the areas we see it excel and due to the nature of PDLC film, Intelligent Glass is able to use its clean room facilities to manufacture a range of switchable products with specialist options, such as sound insulating glass, double glazed units, fire resistant glass or even bi-fold door options. Switchable technology also has the ability to be integrated into smart home and office applications, putting users more in touch with their environment than ever, allowing them to change the window from frosted to clear by a simple voice command.

What’s more is that many of our switchable products can be combined with both rear projection and touch screen technology, serving a multitude of possible commercial and corporate requirements, but also offering the opportunity to dream up creative and exciting residential applications. For example, a switchable glass rear projection screen can be used incredibly effectively in a shop window display for merchandising or even as part of a glass partition, creating an innovative presentation screen in an office environment. But in residential applications, we have seen specialist switchable products vary from switchable glass stairs to gaming projection glass partitions.

It’s clear that for window privacy, switchable technology is the future solution that will eventually replace the messy, high maintenance and archaic privacy solutions we see today. But for now, you can invest in switchable technology safe in the understanding that it is a highly impressive aspirational product; that is, not many people are familiar enough with it to be expecting it in your property. So when you make that switch in front of your guests for the first time, you are sure to make a big impact. Not forgetting, of course, the ways in which switchable glass will change your daily life for the better.

Window privacy is an aspect that impacts almost everyone, so it’s important that it is considered appropriately.

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