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Smart Projection

Haron Smart Film/Glass Rear Projection

Haron Smart Projection Screen turns instantly from a clear transparent film into a HD projection surface at the flick of a switch

This specialist optical vinyl can be simply applied to any glass or Plexiglas. A simple ON – OFF mode switches the film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque) and in its frosted state the film becomes a high definition Rear Projection screen.

The film can be custom cut to fit any glass size; multiple pieces of film can be joined to create large format displays.

The switchable film is manufactured with a self adhesive cling layer (peel and stick), which makes the installation process very quick and easy (no special installation equipment required).

These screens offer a very minimal look which blends easily into any architectural or contemporary interior, making it the ideal screen choice for both historical buildings (churches, museums, theaters and concert halls) and modern hi-tech environments (hotels, offices, stadiums, shopping malls).

Technical Information

  • High clarity when transparent at 98%
  • UV protection up to 99%
  • 42% Solar Heat Reduction.
  • Multiple pieces can be configured to work together.
  • Flexible Control System (Switch, Remote, Wifi…)
  • Very Low maintenance
  • 2 year warranty
  • Power – 220VAC (Converted to 37~60vAC)
  • Frequency – 50/60Hz
  • Current – 0.1 amperes per sqm
  • Power – 3~5 watts per sqm
  • Switching – 50-100 Milliseconds
  • Operation – (on) transparent (off) opaque
  • Glass Thickness – 4×4 / 5×5 / 6×6 / 8×8 / 10×10
  • Lifespan – 8 to 15 years
  • Custom sizes cut to order
  • Sheet sizes up to 3 metres
  • Width – 150cm
  • Simply apply to glass or plexiglas
  • For use with LCD/DLP video projector
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